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Application of pharmacoepidemiological approaches to investigate the utilisation pattern, clinical effectiveness and safety of the novel medications used in the management of cardiovascular diseases

Drug utilisation research; adherence; clinical effectiveness; Antimicrobial Resistance; antimicrobial stewardship; Health Service Research

Number of places



17 February 2020


36 Months


Experience of pharmacoepidemiological approaches and mixed method study designs

Project Details

Cardiovascular diseases (CVD) are the one of the major cause for mortality and morbidity worldwide. In the last decade; there has been new development in the management of CVD through the introduction of new medicines and technologies. However, translation of the efficacy of these new medicines from the resisted clinical trials setting in to real-world clinical practice is not fully identified.


Techniques used:

Techniques used will include pharmacoepidemiology methods in observational and population-based studies.

Funding Details

Applicant will need to self-fund, find sponsorship for tuition and bench fees of £5000-£8000 per annum for duration of studies


Primary Supervisor: Dr Amanj Kurdi


Further information

Project is suitable for Clinical pharmacists; Pharmacy practice; Clinicians; Clinical epidemiologists

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Primary Supervisor: Dr Amanj Kurdi


How to apply

Applicants can apply using the University PEGASUS Application System

This project is also suitable for PhD Plus

This project is also available for Joint Supervision PhD