Postgraduate research opportunities

Continuous manufacturing of liposome formulations incorporating anti-cancer agents: Exploiting novel methods in microfluidics.

Advanced manufacturing (Y Perrie); Drug Delivery (Health and Wellbeing – Y Perrie, Z Rattray); Particle Characterization (Measurement and Enabling Technologies, Z Rattray)

Number of places



27 February 2020


36 Months


We encourage highly-competitive and motivated students with an interest in the pharmaceutical industry and a background in chemical engineering or pharmaceutical sciences to apply for this project. 

Project Details

This interdisciplinary project is designed to consider the development of appropriate systems to manufacture liposome-based drug delivery and will be based within two of our research groups: (Prof Perrie and Dr Rattray). The research is focused on developing new formulations and new processes for the production of liposomes for the delivery of anti-cancer agents. The project will investigate a range of small molecules for the treatment of cancer and will investigate their formulation into a range of liposome systems. Nanotechnology will be exploited to improve cellular targeting allowing for improved drug efficacy and reduced side effect profiles. The biological actions and interactions will also be investigated. A range of pharmaceutical analysis tools will be used to investigate and characterise the new compounds and a suite of manufacturing facilities will be used to formulate, characterise and optimise the formulations to improve drug targeting.

Techniques used:

This project will involve a range of liposomal formulations. These systems will be formulated and optimised for their drug loading potential and then surface functionalised to exploit effective targeting strategies

Funding Details

  • The University student fees and stipend need to be covered from the student’s own Scholarship
  • This project is open to self-funding students or students who already hold funding support (e.g. The Ministry/Department of Education/British Council).
  • A bench fee of £10K per annum (to be agreed with the funding body) to cover research costs and student conference travels needs to paid as well.

How to apply

Applicants can apply using the University PEGASUS Application System  

This project is also suitable for Joint PhD