Student registering during Fresher's Week

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Student residences

University accommodation

At Strathclyde, we'll provide secure accommodation for every new eligible student where you can make friends and feel at the centre of university life. To make your time here as easy and straightforward as possible, we have a dedicated Residence Services team to help you all year round.

Get all the details about our University accommodation.

A student holding a blank student card

Collecting your student card

As part of your registration, you'll need to upload a photo that will be on your student card. At this time you'll not be issued a student card at registration. However, this will be managed in due course and we'll update you during the registration process. Please revisit this page to see up to date information. 

Modular/CPD Programmes

You'll be notified by email if your programme falls into this category. Please contact your Department to discuss which module(s) you will undertake, and they, in turn, will notify Student Business. You'll then receive a letter, by post, confirming your module(s) and fee, at which stage you should log on to PEGASUS and complete your registration.