Academic information

How do I select which Universities offer a good curriculum match for my subjects?

The Exchange/ERASMUS coordinator at your home university will be able to guide you on which universities are available to you according to your subject area.

How do I choose a list of provisional classes/courses?

Please refer to our Guide to Selecting Classes.

Are my classes/courses confirmed once they have been approved in my application on Mobility Online?

All classes/courses are provisional until you arrive. Classes/courses may sometimes be withdrawn or changed at the last minute, so you need to be quite flexible around your choice of classes.

How many classes do I need to take?

Exchange students will usually take a selection of classes/courses amounting to 60 Strathclyde/30 ECTS credits per semester. The number of classes depends on how much credit each class is worth.

Do I require academic approval to study abroad?

Your home university is responsible for giving you provisional/final academic approval to study at Strathclyde. As the host university, Strathclyde will try to ensure you meet the appropriate requirements for the classes/courses you wish to take during your study period.

What if I fail any exams?

If you fail any exams during your study period at Strathclyde, you may be able to take the resit exam. Please check with the department which offers the class/course.

How do I receive an academic transcript at the end of my study period?

Two original academic transcripts will be sent to your home university at the end of your exchange once your marks have been approved by the relevant Exam Board.

When will I receive my transcript?

Semester 1 exchange students should expect to receive their transcript by the end of February. Semester 2 and full year students should expect to receive their transcript by the end of July.

If there are any queries relating to your marks, this is likely to delay your transcript.