Guide to choosing classes

How many classes can I take? 

It depends on the amount of credits that each class is worth. Your classes should amount to a total of 60 Strathclyde/30 ECTS credits per semester.

What level of classes can I take?

Usually you'll choose classes from levels one to three.  This equates to 1st year to 3rd year at Strathclyde. Levels two and three classes usually require you to have done some previous study in the subject. Level four classes are not normally available to exchange students unless you have significant prior knowledge in the subject, and if there is sufficient space in the class.

Access to level four classes needs to be approved by the host department.

How to list your class choices in your online application


You should list all the classes you are interested in taking in order of preference in your online application (no more than 6 per semester).  60% of them should be from the same department or subject area.  (For students applying under ERASMUS, at least 60% of the classes should be from the department which owns the agreement.)  This will be your primary host department at Strathclyde during your exchange.  You may be able to select one or two classes from another department if you meet the prerequisites and if the other department approves them.  You can only select classes from a maximum of two departments to provide the best chance of them timetabling effectively.  In some cases it may not be possible to confirm your secondary classes until you arrive.  It is highly recommended that all applicants have some flexibility around their classes in case any of them need to be changed on arrival.


Classes available to Exchange students

Please click on the links below for the list of classes available to exchange students in your chosen department. Should you have any queries regarding a class or you need further information then please contact the Departmental Co-ordinator listed below:

If your department is not listed above, please refer to the class catalogue class catalogue to select your classes. 

Restrictions :-

  • Chemistry is only able to consider applications for two semesters/full academic year due to the year long structure of their classes.
  • Computer Science has limited single semester classes available as many of them run over both semesters.
  • Psychology is only able to host a limited number of exchange students. Applications will be considered as they are received.
  • Students joining the Department of Architecture require to submit a design portfolio with samples of their work in advance of their study period.  A portfolio should be emailed direct to the Exchange Adviser in Architecture (