Young learners

It’s never too early to think about your future. In your early school years you should think about what subjects you enjoy studying and what you would like to do after you finish school.

Many people choose to go to study at university after school. Take the opportunity to look at university websites and prospectuses. There will be a lot of different options open to you so it’s good to look at courses, facilities and locations.

Among the reasons people study at university are to:

  • study a subject you enjoy
  • improve your job prospects
  • experience a new city
  • meet new people
  • enjoy the student experience

Choosing your subjects

We’re here to help guide you towards making choices that will give you plenty of options when you leave school.

If you think you might want to come to university, getting good passes in the right National 5 subjects will be your first major step towards gaining your place. Your National 5 options give a foundation for choosing your Higher subjects so you should choose subjects you enjoy and are good at.

It’s also worthwhile taking a broad range of subjects that will enable you to keep your options open when choosing your Higher subjects and university courses.

Find out more information by taking a look at our Young Learners Guide to University.