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Travelling Abroad

Many employees and students travel abroad on University business and may need immunisations against infectious diseases and anti-malarial medication. As these immunisations are needed for work purposes most employees and students will need to contact their GP or access a Travel Clinic to obtain the relevant immunisations.

Employees and students will also need to obtain up to date travel advice for their health, safety and wellbeing prior to travelling on University business and adhere to health and safety requirements by the completion of a travel risk assessment. It is vital that employees and students know the health risks that they will be facing and the accessibility to reliable healthcare facilities.


* * ZIKA VIRUS * *

For those travelling, especially pregnant women, to an area with active Zika virus transmission should ensure that they seek travel health advice from their GP or travel clinic well in advance of their trip and consult Health Protection Scotland, Government Health Protection Advice and the NaTHNac websites for up to date information and travel advice.

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