Work-Life Balance

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Work-life balance is the term used to describe working practices that support the need to achieve a balance between home and working life.

Most of us are aware of getting the work-life balance right but find doing so isn’t always easy. There are no rules, balance is an individual thing and everyone has their own equilibrium. If you continually feel rushed and overloaded It is time to re-evaluate.

The University recognises that most of us have family and personal commitments and offer:

  • A range of family-friendly policies
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Leave provision for emergencies
  • Staff benefits e.g. childcare vouchers
  • Support Services

Top 10 Tips for achieving a work-life balance


Childcare Scotland Ltd operates the Strathclyde Nursery on John Anderson Campus (Level 1 of Forbes Hall) on behalf of the University. 

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