Entrepreneurship strategy
Developing entrepreneurial mindsets

Our goal

Position entrepreneurship as something for everyone and ensure every Strathclyde student and staff member is provided with opportunities to develop an entrepreneurial mindset through participation in a range of entrepreneurship opportunities.

Our approach 

To develop entrepreneurial mindsets, we will launch a sector-leading approach to Entrepreneurship for All. As part of this approach, we will:

  • Launch a new Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship module, which will be integrated into every Strathclyde Business School undergraduate course and then made available to all undergraduates.
  • Proactively expand our postgraduate entrepreneurship offering.
  • Create and offer a new Entrepreneurship MOOC for all students and staff, as well as external individuals and organisations.
  • Launch a careers-based service promoting entrepreneurship as a career option and offering a range of inspirational events and interactive programmes designed to encourage ideation and creativity.
  • Package and promote our already extensive range of opportunities for students to work with entrepreneurial ventures including paid internships, student projects and volunteering.
  • Invite all new staff to learn about Strathclyde Inspire as part of the new staff induction process.
  • Promote, to all staff, a range of in-depth and specialist CPD opportunities including Entrepreneurial Thinking & Behaviours and IP & Commercialisation.
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