Entrepreneurship strategy
Empowering entrepreneurs

Our goal

All of our innovation-led opportunities will have access to an unrivalled package of support at the heart of Scotland’s first innovation district, accelerating them towards investment and growth.

Our approach

To empower entrepreneurs, we will:

  • Deliver a competitive investor-ready accelerator programme which provides high-growth opportunities with:
    • one-to-one advice from dedicated IP & commercialisation/start-up managers
    • competitive levels of funding to develop new business propositions or licence opportunities
    • bespoke training opportunities designed to address knowledge gaps
    • externally-sourced commercial champions to complement the skills of founding teams, as appropriate
    • access to a Virtual Board offering advice on commercial plans and how to become ‘investor-ready in an accelerated timeframe
    • an online presence to facilitate global interactions
    • access to our global alumni, industry contacts and strategic partner networks to grow international connections and facilitate market access, collaboration opportunities, peer-to-peer networking and access to talent
    • dedicated state-of-the-art co-location and collaboration space in the new Entrepreneurship Hub where early stage entrepreneurs will have access to meeting space and on-site advisors
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