Honorary Degrees Eligibility criteria

There are four categories from which you can choose to nominate your nominee. You must give us detailed evidence of how your candidate meets the criteria in one or more of the categories.

Exceptional service to academic inquiry and the advancement of learning

  1. International excellence in research which is recognised in their field as world-leading
  2. Thought leadership in research, learning and teaching, or knowledge exchange at a national/international level
  3. Significant contribution to the public understanding of science, engineering, the arts, humanities and social sciences
  4. Achievement in the application of knowledge – Useful Learning – through innovation and creativity



Exceptional service and contribution to the University

  1. Singular contribution to the University of Strathclyde for work which goes beyond what would be expected of an individual in their role
  2. Transformational impact on the University’s work in research, learning and teaching, knowledge exchange
  3. Outstanding contribution to enhancing the student experience, academically and/or through extra-curricular activity
  4. Outstanding support or advocacy of the University’s work by a volunteer leader

Exceptional service and contribution to society, nationally and/or internationally

  1. Service to society which has a demonstrable impact on the public good
  2. Outstanding achievement in sport, culture and arts, and other fields of endeavour which inspire people and make the world a better place
  3. Outstanding contribution to Scotland and to Glasgow which helps transform the economic, social, civic, sporting and cultural life of the region


Exceptional service and contribution to enterprise or business

  1. Outstanding vision, innovation or leadership in an entrepreneurial environment
  2. Outstanding achievement in the field of business

Awards will normally be made for substantial achievement across a career, however we will also consider individuals who have brought distinction on themselves, their community, and their country early in their careers, for example sporting or artistic achievement, heroism, public service, and philanthropy.

Equality of opportunity

Equality of opportunity is a core value of the University of Strathclyde.

In awarding Honorary Degrees on merit, the University will be mindful of the need to reflect achievement across society.

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