Elisabeth Pate-Cornell, Research in Risk Analysis, Stanford University, receives an Honorary Degree from University of Strathclyde, 2016.

Why StrathclydeHonorary degrees

Honorary Degrees are awarded to recognise exceptional service and contribution to: academic inquiry and the advancement of learning; the University; and to society, nationally and/or internationally.

Honorary Graduands are people whose work and reputation is compatible with the University’s core values: integrity, honesty and openness. In their lives they will have demonstrated an affinity with the University’s purpose as a “Place of Useful Learning” with an ambition to make the world better educated, more prosperous, healthy, fair and secure. Through their life’s work they will be role models for our students, graduands, staff and the wider community.

As a Leading International Technological University, Strathclyde will honour individuals who have made a significant impact on Business, Engineering, Humanities, Science and the Social Sciences. It will celebrate those who have demonstrated a commitment to innovation and creativity.

They are awarded as part of our summer and autumn student graduations and only a small number are given each year.


Awards will be made on the basis of merit. The University will judge all nominees against criteria. It will not normally consider nominees who are: current members of staff or serving members of the University Court; serving politicians; employees of funders, including the Scottish Funding Council and Research Councils. While individuals linked to business and other organisations working with the University will not be excluded, the Honorary Degrees Advisory Group will be mindful of the need to avoid real or perceived the perception of conflicts of interest.

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