Agile Working Appendix 1

Getting the most from team workshops or from your one-to-one agile working conversation with your line manager

Consideration in advance of the workshopDiscussion Points to raise
What sort of agile working would you prefer?

Be specific about what you might want – but open to being flexible where required.

What is driving your request? e.g. achieving space to concentrate, a need to attend regular appointments with someone whom you care for, avoiding a lengthy commute on some days to enhance your productivity.

How might this impact your colleagues / manager / stakeholders across Strathclyde?

Will your request have an impact on the ability to deliver work of the required quality / on time? In what way?

Will there be any scheduling conflicts or periods when too many team members are out of the office or not working? If so, how can we fix that?

What can you do to ensure that this agile working arrangement works effectively for your colleagues / manager / stakeholders across Strathclyde?

How can you ensure that you get work done on time and to the required standards – and instil confidence in your manager that this can be achieved?

How can you meet the needs of your stakeholders in the new arrangements?

How can you update your manager to ensure they have visibility of your outputs whilst you are working away from the office?
How can you ensure that the wider team / stakeholders are aware of your working pattern? What other communication routes might you need to set up?

By working agilely, can you provide a service for stakeholders which your team would otherwise not be able to provide?

What concerns might your manager have about the agile working you’ve proposed?

What other arrangements might work for you if your manager has concerns about your preferred arrangements?

Initially, you can expect your line manager to review all agile working arrangements after a month or two of their commencement. During this period, reflect on whether the arrangements are working well for you, your manager, your team and your stakeholders 

Are there alternative agile working options that would be useful if it’s not possible to allow you to work in the manner you’ve requested?

It may not be possible to agree to your proposal due to its potential impact on organisational outcomes or because other team members wish agile working too. Think about alternatives and be open to considering different proposals made by your manager. You and your fellow team members will need to be flexible and work together to ensure that the organisational parameters set for your team are achieved.