COP26 Legacy Strategy
Global engagement

Overall objective: learn from, and contribute to, the wide range of understanding and perspectives of climate action and sustainability in both low and high-income countries, for the benefit of our educational, innovation and research goals, through high quality and substantive partnership working.

We recognised that to achieve the rapid and just transformations needed on a global scale, we will continue to ensure that our research, scholarship, knowledge exchange and innovation are both local and international in outlook and our strategic alliances and collaborations have a worldwide reach. As such we commit to being a contributor to, and a beneficiary of, global thinking and progress through high-quality inter-disciplinary scholarship, engagement and advocacy on a global basis.

This commitment links directly to the other strategic themes, and we demonstrate this not only through our University-based activities but also through our public pledges to drive and support local, national and international strategies and targets. We will continue to commit to these existing promises, as well as engaging wherever appropriate with new networks and partnerships to meet our goals.

We will action this in a number of ways across teaching and learning, research, innovation, operations and thought leadership, supported by our Strathclyde Centre for Sustainable Development.

  • Lead and participate in local, national and international partnerships and networks
  • Work equitably and inclusively with local, national and international partners
  • Actively identify, develop and support relationships with local, national and international partners and networks from across disciplines and sectors to add value and impact to our work
  • Embrace and promote the concept global citizenship across all of our activities
  • Be sensitive to the wide range of global cultures and contexts; with a key concern for the most vulnerable in every society
  • Promote a culture of sharing and learning that allows people to talk openly about the fundamental challenges to progress and about when things go wrong