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Innovation & entrepreneurshipDigital innovation

Innovation and technology come together in a range of ways, and across the University, we have developed special expertise in supporting innovation through data analytics, digital technologies, IT-enabled innovation, and other novel technologies.

Strathclyde provides specialist knowledge around entrepreneurship and innovation in digitally-focused business sectors, including supporting the emergence and diffusion of state-of-the-art business models and practices for digital innovation.

Our engineering design research makes strong use of digital tools to investigate the creative design process and how this can be optimised to ensure innovative products are delivered. We use technology that enables 3D scanning, capture and reverse engineering.

Creativity & innovation

We have a suite of CAD, virtual and rapid prototyping capabilities. Some of our research focuses on user-centred design, specifically looking at design for older people or those with additional support needs.

Our researchers make use of a suite of digital design and prototyping equipment within our digital design and manufacturing studio, as well as leading edge CAD programs and modelling and simulation tools. 

The Mobiquitous Lab

The Mobiquitous Lab at Strathclyde investigates user behaviour in the context of mobile devices and ubiquitous computing.

The group follows strong user-centred participatory design methods working closely with users to develop innovative mobile and ubiquitous solutions that are truly usable. We'll exploit multimodal, sensor-based and tangible interaction as appropriate.

Mobile and ubiquitous technologies provide new opportunities to improve people's lives as they naturally integrate into everyday contexts.

We engage in research investigating these new options, for example by studying how to improve the health and well-being of the population, to improve device usage by older adults and to improve visitor engagement in museums.

Find out more about our work at The Mobiquitous Lab.