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A close up of an eye made up of hundreds of images of the back of the eye

This mosaic of the front of the eye is made from images of the back of the eye, demonstrating the vast visual field of ophthalmology and the many images required to assess eye health. As such, we created an open access Comprehensive Ophthalmic Research Database (CORD) in collaboration with NHS Forth Valley, aiming to boost the development of automatic and semi-automatic diagnostic solutions for eye health worldwide.

Entrant: Matteo Menolotto , Biomedical Engineering

Copyright: Matteo Menolotto

Funding: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC): EP L015595/1) / Rosenbaum Golden Charitable Trust (Rosetrees Trust), UK: A1719 from the Teresa / University of Strathclyde PhD stipend

Collaborators: Kirsty Jordan, Iain Livingstone (NHS consultant ophthalmologist), Kenneth Gilmour (NHS trainee ophthalmologist), Ian Coghill, Mario Giardini (supervisor)