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Pre-eclampsia: managing risk

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A painting of a pregnant person facing a colourful child’s bedroom with their back to a black and white room with boxes

Pre-eclampsia, in pregnancy, can be life-threatening. Magnesium sulphate can be used to manage the seizures it causes, however, availability is limited in low and middle-income countries. In collaboration with King’s College London, we are comparing data from a number of earlier studies of the mineral’s use across 33 countries. Modelling the data, we can pinpoint those at highest risk and in greatest need, enabling countries with scarcer supplies to save more lives.

Entrant: Tunde Csoban , Mathematics And Statistics

Copyright: Tunde Csoban

Funding: STRADDLE (Strathclyde Diversity in Data Linkage) funded PhD

Collaborators: King’s College London