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Tackling knife crime through imagery

Category: Beneficial partnerships

): A knife in a sealed police evidence bag

Over the past decade, national initiatives have transformed Glasgow from the ‘murder capital of Europe’ to being at the forefront of tackling knife-crime. However, there is little research on the effectiveness of graphic images of knives, like this one, used in the media. Partnering with Police Scotland and the Mental Health Foundation, we are exploring young people’s thoughts and feelings about the use of such images as deterrents against crime.

Entrant: Nicola Cogan , Psychology

Copyright: Becky Duncan and Beever

Collaborators: Yvonne Chau, Violence Protection Unit, Mental Health Foundation, Damien Williams, Simon Hunter, Kirsten Russell, Will Linden, Nicola Swinson, Michelle Sharp, Stephanie Carney, Lee Knifton, Vicki Jordan, Petya Eckler


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