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Tackling the mental health pandemic

Category: Empowering people

An exhausted medic in PPE kit sitting on the floor

With additional layers of responsibility, and mental and physical hardships, Covid-19 has been the ultimate test of emotional resilience in our health and social care workers. Our research aims to better understand the psychological needs of frontline staff in Scotland – asking them how the pandemic has impacted their mental wellbeing – to determine how to best support them as we move into the ‘recovery’ phase of the pandemic.

Entrant: Nicola Cogan , Psychology

Copyright: Dr Andrew Smith

Collaborators: Gillian MacIntyre, Gary Tanner, Karen Deakin, Lisa Morton, Chloe Moore, Zoe Beck, Heather Archbold, Lisa McInnes, Bethany Griffith, Samantha Smith, Isabel Saez-Berruga


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