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Crystallising solutions: improving medicine manufacture

Category: Health matters

A graphic illustration of a capsule, blue at one end and with crystals at the other end

Crystallisation is a key step in the transformation of drug compounds into an easily consumable form such as a tablet or inhalant. It is a complex process that, so far, is not well understood. Crystals are made from, and develop in, liquid solutions; our research is investigating the crucial effect of the solution surface that sparks this process, in our quest to design more effective medicines and their manufacturing methods.

Entrant: Samira Anker , Chemical And Process Engineering

Copyright: Samira Anker

Funding: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC); grant no: EP/P006965/1, and University of Strathclyde

Collaborators: Karen Johnston (supervisor), Jan Sefcik (supervisor), Paul Mulheran (supervisor), David McKechnie (collaborator)


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