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Milk monitoring: averting the antibiotic crisis

Category: Health matters

Cows in a field with mountains behind them. Cow at the front has been graphically illustrated with molecule patterns

Farm animals use the greatest share of antibiotics worldwide and inevitably dairy-producing animals secrete residues in milk. The disposal of contaminated milk directly exposes the surrounding environment to active drug metabolites leading to pools of antimicrobial resistance: an imminent global threat. Our research is focused on the real-time monitoring of antibiotic residues in cow’s milk to help farmers prevent contamination of clean milk and better manage the disposal of contaminated milk.

Entrant: Magdalena Raykova , Civil And Environmental Engineering

Copyright: Magdalena Raykova / Stephen Griffin

Funding: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC); grant no: ??? and CENSIS Innovation centre.

Collaborators: Dr Andrew Ward (helped with ideas and edit of the story)


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