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North Sea revolution: creating greener homes

Category: Green recovery

Two workmen controlling the placement of an exterior panel onto the front of a house

INDU-ZERO is a collaboration between 14 European organisations from 6 countries that aims to transform approximately 22 million properties across the entire North Sea region. The housing, built between 1950 and 1985, is typically poorly insulated and energy inefficient. However, through the applied expertise of the consortium, a blueprint has been designed to develop a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly technological solution to deliver sustainable, net-zero renovation packages.

Entrant: Xiu Yan , Design, Manufacturing And Engineering Management

Copyright: Xiutian Yan/ Indu-Zero Project

Funding: Interreg North Sea Region - European Regional Development Fund

Collaborators: Provincie Overijssel, Ghent University, RCPanels, KAMPC, Johanneberg Science Park, Buro de Haan


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