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The all-seeing eye

Category: Shared visions

A black and white photo looking into a tunnel with an inspection camera at the end of it

Inspection and maintenance of nuclear reactor components is crucial and safety is, of course, paramount. Use of remotely-operated, radiation-hardened inspection cameras – shown here scanning the graphite surface of a fuel channel – is further improving safety. Our research has developed advanced image processing algorithms to enhance visualisation of these inhospitable environments, supporting the continued operation of a large, stable source of low-carbon electricity as part of the UK’s energy mix.

Entrant: Stuart Bennett , Electronic And Electrical Engineering

Copyright: Stuart Bennett

Funding: EDF Energy

Collaborators: Graeme West (caption author and academic support), Paul Murray (academic support), Callum Douglas (industrial support), Michael Devereux (research co-i), Ian Lloyd (industrial project management)


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