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The art of cancer research

Category: Health matters

An artistic representation of metabolomics research into cancer therapies

An artistic representation of our research using metabolomics – a promising emerging technology – in studying breast cancer (black ribbons) and ageing (green to brown leaves). The phoenix rising from the central orbitrap (a highly-sensitive mass spectrometer able to analyse complex cells), symbolises our endeavours to study the metabolic features of aged and cancer cells to reveal key biomarkers in the pursuit of better targeted therapies.

Entrant: Domenica Berardi , Strathclyde Institute Of Pharmacy And Biomedical Sciences

Copyright: Domenica Berardi

Funding: University Research Excellence Award (REA) Studentship

Collaborators: Zahra Rattray, Nicholas JW Rattray, Layla R Alnoumas, Yasmin Hunter, Karim Daramy, Abdullah Alsultan, Patricia Kelly, Jene Hwei, Gillian Farrell, and Joshua Walker


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