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Optimising wind turbine lifetime assessment

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A snowy landscape with tall pine trees lining the horizon and a wind turbine in the middle. The sun low in the sky just above.

The typical lifespan of a wind farm was estimated at around 20 years, based on assumptions about likely weather conditions experienced and anticipated turbine fatigue. Collecting data from wind farms over the years, we have developed a methodology to more accurately predict the lifespan of these turbines. Applying the model and measurements, owners can now determine the ongoing health of turbines and test improved control strategies to maximise their performance.

Entrant: George Elderfield , Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Copyright: George Elderfield

Funding: Knowledge transfer Partnership (KTP), no: 12323, funded by innovate UK, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)

Collaborators: Natural Power (partner company) and Adam Stock, Abbas Kazemi Amiri (University of Strathclyde)


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