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People power: managing energy demand

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A blue graphic showing linked cubes, representing different buildings. Green lines weave and swirl between the cubes with bees flying along them.

The transition to greener energy poses complex challenges to domestic energy demand management. To date, much research has looked at the technical aspects, however, in our work with Bristol universities, the Glow project takes a more citizen-centred approach. Our pilot study, involving homes in Glasgow and Bristol, aims to develop a novel computational system that allows residents to manage peak load shifts for the benefit of their neighbourhood

Entrant: Faezeh Bagheri Moghaddam , Architecture

Copyright: Rosie Bond

Funding: Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC), grant no: EP/V041770/1

Collaborators: Professor Sonja Oliveira, University of Bristol, Universiy of the West of England and University of Bath


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