Faculty of Engineering

Faculty Management Team

Name ​Title
​Professor Stephen McArthur  ​Executive Dean and Associate Principal
Dr Julia Race Vice Dean (Academic​)
Professor Campbell Booth​ Vice Dean (Research​)
Professor Stuart Galloway Vice Dean (Knowledge Exchange)
Dr Phil Riches​ Associate Dean (Academic​)
Dr Avril Thomson​ Associate Dean (Academic​)
Dr Chris White Associate Dean (PGR)
​Professor Steve (Kwok) Lo    Associate Dean (International​)
Dr Kepa Mendibil  Associate Dean (International​)
Dr Olimpo Anaya-Lara Associate Dean (International​)
Dr Min Zhang Associate Dean (International​)
Dr Susanne Boyle Associate Dean (Skills and Through-Life Learning)
​Dr Gayle Wilson  ​Faculty Manager
Stuart Shorthouse ​Head of International Development and Recruitment
Faculty/Dean's Office Team

Dr Gayle Wilson  Faculty Manager
​Stuart Shorthouse ​Head of International Development and Recruitment
Carol Brady ​Senior Faculty Officer (Resources and Planning)
​Stephanie McNulty ​Senior Faculty Officer (Academic)
Sheena Mackenzie Senior Faculty Officer (Industry Engagement)
Jennifer Gazzard International Partnerships Manager
Lisa Lyons Faculty Officer​ (Academic)
Robert Graham ​Faculty Officer (International)
Natalie McNee ​Faculty Officer (Engagement & Outreach)
Fiona Edler Faculty Officer​ (Research & KE)
Annabel Dalgleish Faculty Officer (Recruitment Marketing & Events)
Christine Donald ​International Recruitment Advisor
Elizabeth Ross Executive Assistant
Mary Cunningham Dean's Secretary/Faculty Administrator​
Alison McLennan Faculty Administrator​
Molly Dwyer Admin Assistant


Engineering Academy / Graduate Apprenticeships Office Team
Name Title
​Dr Gordon Flockhart
​​Engineering Academy Academic Director 
Alan Roseweir
​​​Engineering Academy Associate Director 
​Dr Susanne Boyle
​Degree Apprenticeships Programme Lead
Colin Burns
​​Workbased Learning Advisor
Brendan Doran
​​Workbased Learning Advisor
Hannah Nicholls
​Workbased Learning Advisor
Grant McConnachie Workbased Learning Advisor
Patrick Ruddy Workbased Learning Advisor
John Sweeney
​Workbased Learning Advisor/ Verifier
Susan Walker
​​Workbased Learning Advisor/ Verifier
Jacqui MacKay Flexible Learning Administrator
Admissions and Conversion Team
​Gillian Laird Senior ​Faculty Officer (Admissions and Conversion)
Gillian McArthur ​Faculty Officer (International Partnerships)
Alexander Cahoon ​Faculty Officer (PGT Admissions)
Moira Laing ​Faculty Officer (UG Admissions)
Lynn Gilmour ​​Admissions Co-Ordinator
Carolyn McLellan ​​​Admissions Co-Ordinator
Craig Hinson ​​​​Admissions Co-Ordinator
​Kerri Labrash ​Admissions Co-Ordinator
Alison Aitchison ​Admissions Co-Ordinator
​Cathy Wu ​Admissions Co-Ordinator
Engineering Online Centre Team
​Dr Douglas Bertram ​Senior Knowledge Exchange Fellow

​Craig Bishop ​Learning Technologist
​David Campbell ​Video Production Specialist
Michael Debernardo Video Production Specialist
Michael Egan Video Production Specialist
​Louise Yip ​Learning Technologist
​Angela Robertson
Christopher Naismith Modern Apprentice