Faculty of Engineering

Key staff

Professor Atilla Incecik Dean of Engineering
Vice Deans
Dr Andrew McLaren Vice Dean (Academic)
Professor William Ion Vice Dean (Knowledge Exchange)
Professor Bernie Conway Vice Dean (Research)
Associate Deans
Dr Philip Riches Associate Dean (Academic)
Dr Avril Thomson Associate Dean (Academic)
Professor Stephen Lo Associate Dean (International)
Faculty/Dean's Office
Dr Gayle Wilson Faculty Manager
Mr Stuart Shorthouse Head of International Development & Recruitment
Miss Carol Brady Faculty Officer (Research & Knowledge Exchange)
Mrs Stephanie McNulty Faculty Officer (Academic)
Mrs Natalie McNee Faculty Officer (Engagement & Outreach)
Mr Robert Graham Faculty Officer (International)
Mrs Annabel Anderson Marketing & Events Coordinator
Mr Craig McMurray  Assistant Faculty Officer
Mrs Mary Cunningham Faculty Administrator/ Dean's Secretary 
Miss Chelsea Coulter Dean's Secretary
Miss Samantha Meechan Faculty Administrator
Miss Holly Innes Administrative Assistant
Miss Chloe Irvine Modern Apprentice
Mrs Christine Donald International Recruitment Advisor
Engineering Academy
Mr Alan Roseweir Engineering Academy Associate Director
Mr Stewart McKinlay Engineering Academy Associate Director
Dr Gordon Flockhart Engineering Academy Associate Director