Faculty of EngineeringOur capabilities

The Faculty of Engineering at Strathclyde is one of the largest, best-equipped engineering faculties in the UK and is the largest in Scotland. 

We have a wealth of expertise and capabilities and access to specialist equipment and facilities, many of which is not easily accessible elsewhere in the UK. We deliver practical solutions to technical and business challenges for a wide range of local, national and international organisations.

A key strength of Strathclyde is our commitment to collaboration between Departments and across Faculties to deliver holistic and innovative solutions to support you and your business needs.   

Our capabilities span projects ranging from developing devices for heart surgery to powering the world with more efficient renewable energies, take a look at our research capabilities.

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Strategic centres & institutes

A key strength of Strathclyde is our commitment to partnerships and collaboration, providing a link between academia and industry, commerce and public sector organisations.  We have a number of industrial partnerships and are home to a number of strategic research centres and institutes which host very specialist equipment and expertise which can support your requirements. 

Take a look at some of our centres. 

Our Departmental Capabilities

Our Faculty comprises eight departments, the majority of which are ranked in the top 10 in the UK on research power.  Each Department has very specialist equipment and facilities which can support your needs. 

Explore our Departmental Facilities in more detail below: