Professional Examination for Architects in Scotland

In Scotland the Part 3 Professional Examination for Architects is administered by The Architects Professional Examination Authority in Scotland Ltd (APEAS) At Strathclyde we offer the support of a Professional Studies Adviser (PSA) for candidates sitting the Part 3 exam through this route.

The Scottish process is not a "course" delivered by a university, like it is elsewhere in the UK. Candidates do not need to attend any lectures or training events, but rather submit written documentary evidence to APEAS which examiners use to assess their knowledge and understanding of the ARB Part 3 Criteria Training events are offered by PSA's across the Scottish Schools of Architecture, but are not mandatory.

How to register

If you would like to register with the University of Strathclyde for PSA support, please complete our online registration form here.

Any Questions

For further information or assistance please contact: Colin Hastie or Ellen Thomson, or telephone Ellen on 0141 548 4219