Electronic & Electrical EngineeringWho we are & what we do

Electronic and electrical engineering underpins most aspects of modern life:

  • it's helping to deliver sustainable clean energy, reducing our carbon footprint
  • it's revolutionising internet security, making it easier for us to buy products faster and more safely online
  • it's using smart devices to gather patients’ clinical data while they're still at home aiding doctors track medical conditions remotely

If you want to create, design and apply new technologies to help solve real world problems, then study electronic and electrical engineering. The subject is dynamic, varied and with over two million engineers currently needed in the UK, it offers great career prospects.

Educating the next generation of engineers is a key role for us. Whichever course you study, you'll gain the technical know-how, analytical and project management skills prized by local start-up companies to global market leaders.

Why choose us?

  • our courses give you a strong foundation in maths and physics, through interactive teaching, practical work and industry-led projects that encourage innovation and creativity.
  • our research breadth means we can offer an extensive choice of classes which allow you to tailor your degree to your personal interests.
  • our classes are always evolving to integrate new technologies and the latest research developments.  This means you’re learning from those at the forefront of their subject.
  • you can choose to study a year abroad at one of our overseas partners, adding that international dimension to your education
  • the industry-led projects you complete mean you're engaging and networking with potential employers during your course
  • our graduates are very highly sought after. Over 92% of them have jobs by the time they finish their course. They have chosen careers worldwide, spanning electrical generation and distribution, oil and gas, telecommunications, software design, finance, consultancy and management.
  • we're renowned as a key provider of electronic and electrical engineering education in the UK and overseas
  • we have expertise in electrical power, renewable energy, telecommunication and digital technology, ultrasonics, microsystems, photonics and industrial control systems
  • our courses are supported by one of the UK’s largest departmental scholarships programmes