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Our research is done at the James Weir Fluids Laboratory, where we explore the fundamental flow physics that assists new fluids technologies in the areas of energy, sustainability, nanotechnology, health, and transport.

How we do our research

We have developed simulation tools to enable researchers and industry to test new concepts, products and designs.

We have experimental platforms for microfluidics and complex fluids and we are skilled in industrial computational fluid dynamics on local and national high-performance computers.

Our projects

We are currently working on a number of different projects including:

  • Nanoliquids: Micro scale fluid systems are shrinking in design due to improved manufacturing techniques but this can result in unintuitive flow behaviour on devices. That means there is a need for rational tools to understand the complex and application-specific behaviour encountered. These tools will help in the design and analysis of practical devices (such as highly selective filters or nanoscale propulsion).
  • Microscale gas flows: Our overall aim is to produce a number of techniques for simulating micro-electro mechanical systems flows in complex 3D (industrial) geometries. This involves developing algorithms for DSMC simulations, the Lattice Boltzmann technique, and the Fast Spectral Method for solution of the Boltzmann equation.
  • Interfacial dynamics: We are developing a mesoscopic lattice Boltzmann (LB) multiphase model to tackle the challenges of current computational fluid dynamics methods. We are also working on developing a highly-efficient parallel code, which is essential for this type of multiscale problem.
  • Micro droplet technology: Our research is looking to break new ground by analysing and modelling the effects of large surface tension and electric charge on droplet formation, translation, breakup and coalescence in microsystems. The overall aim is to enable rational design and operation of droplet-based miniaturised devices.

Research areas

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