Advanced Composites GroupStructure performance research


We have a strong background in structure-(re)processing-performance relationships in fibre reinforcement composites. Particularly in the area of discontinuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites, we have built up significant research experience in fibre architecture, how it is affected through composite processing, and the eventual influence on composite performance. We assess this through properties such as:

  • tensile/flexural modulus
  • strength
  • strain at failure
  • impact performance
  • thermo-mechanical properties

The aspects of fibre-related structure that are routinely studied include:

  • fibre volume fraction
  • fibre diameter and distribution
  • fibre length and distribution
  • fibre orientation

The studies in these areas have made an enormous contribution to fundamental understanding of structure-performance in fibre reinforced composites as well as practical guidance for industrial production. Other issues that have been of interest in our research include void content and trans-crystallisation at the fibre-matrix interface. The addition of a ‘FASEP’ length measurement system allows us to accurately analyse more than 10,000 fibres within just a few minutes.

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Composite characterisation

Our composites research is supported by access to a suite of mechanical testing and analysis equipment, in addition to our own composite processing capabilities
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