Aerospace Centre of Excellence People

The centre is defined by the researchers who work within it, from professors directing long-term strategy to post-docs and PhDs driving forward the development of promising new methods, to visiting scholars and short-term researchers brought in to address specific projects and expand our knowledge base.











Dr Jie Yuan

Lecturer and Chancellor’s Fellow 

Research interests address four main themes: (1) the development of advanced numerical tools to predict vibrational level and stability of the aerospace/space system with various types of nonlinearities, e.g., contact friction; (2) the design of novel friction based or new material based damping concepts for vibration suppression or reduction; (3) uncertainty quantification and optimization of nonlinear aerospace systems; (4) the data driven techniques to improve the design and identification of nonlinear dynamical system.

PhD researchers

Deep Bandivadekar (Supervisor: Dr Edmondo Minisci)
Design of transpiration cooling based systems

Luis Sanchez Fernandez-Mellado (Supervisor: Prof Massimiliano Vasile)
Artificial Intelligence for Space Traffic Management

Olga Ganilova (Supervisor: Prof Matthew Cartmell)
The stability of thermo-elastically controlled structures

Ana Catarina Garbacz Gomes (Supervisor: Dr Marco Fossati)
Modelling of thermal nonequilibrium for high-Mach aerodynamics

Robert Garner (Supervisor: Dr Christie Maddock)
Analysis and impact of emissions from future aerospace transport systems

Giuseppe Fortunato (Supervisor: Dr Marco Fossati)
Adaptive Reduced Basis Methods for aerodynamic studies of next-generation aircraft

Francesco Marchetti (Supervisor: Dr Edmondo Minisci)
Intelligent control for access to space

Fabio Morgado (Supervisor: Dr Marco Fossati)
Multi-disciplinary modelling of the aerothermodynamically-induced fragmentation of re-entering bodies

Carlos Ortega (Supervisor: Prof Massimiliano Vasile)
Optimisation of complex systems with time-evolving uncertainty models

Francesco Torre (Supervisor: Prof Massimiliano Vasile)
Navigation and Control in the Proximity of Binary Asteroid Systems

Federico Toso (Supervisor: Dr Christie Maddock)
Design, modelling and optimisation for future space access vehicles

Callum Wilson (Supervisor: Dr Annalisa Riccardi)
On-board intelligent control


10 academics supervising 26 researchers with 34 graduate alumni since 2010