Employer Engagement Team

Employer Engagement Team

For general enquiries contact our Employer Engagement Team who will help you find the most efficient and cost effective solutions for your needs.  
E-mail: employers@strath.ac.uk 

Scottish Graduate Fair
For bookings and information on the Scottish Graduate Fair contact:
Nicola Rourke
Tel: 0141 548 2453     E-mail:  fairs@strath.ac.uk

Law Fair and IT Fair - Plus information on Santander Internship Programmes
For bookings and information contact:
Gill Cowan, Employer Engagement Co-ordinator Tel: 0141 548 3731
E-mail: gillian.cowan@strath.ac.uk

Presentations, Interview Rooms and Employer Workshops
To book a presentation or interview rooms contact:
Donella McGrattan, Employer Engagement Co-ordinator  Tel: 0141 548 3912
E-mail: d.m.mcgrattan@strath.ac.uk

Pharmacy Fair 
For bookings and information contact:
Maureen Hendry, Employer Engagement Co-ordinator  Tel: 0141 548 3500

Vacancy Advertising:  Jobs for Graduates, Work Experience Opportunities/Part-time Jobs
Advertise graduate vacancies, part-time jobs, work experience opportunities, placements, internships etc via our online vacancy service. To discuss your vacancy contact our Employer Engagement Team:

Donella McGrattan, Tel:  0141 548 3912
Maureen HendryTel: 0141 548 3500
Margo CoxTel: 0141 548 4866
E-mail: careersservice-vacancies@strath.ac.uk