Due to the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak there will be no campus-based exams during the Formal Assessment Period. However, we are currently planning to deliver alternative assessments through online and non-face-to-face means. Details on your assessments will be provided by your module leaders in Myplace.

Assessments will be made available over the existing published examination schedule. Please review the student FAQ guidance for more details.


There are three main University exam periods each academic year, as outlined below:

Students MUST be available for exams during all three of the exam periods and should therefore not book any holidays that fall into these periods.

(Please note that these dates primarily relate to exams for Undergraduate students.  There may be alternative dates for PGT students and it is imperative that you contact your department for further details.)

Timetables for the exam diets are normally available approximately four weeks before the diet commences. Once published, student’s exam timetables will be available via the student portal on PEGASUS.

Please note that the dates of individual exams are subject to change. It is the student’s responsibility to know the date, time and venue of their exams and they should regularly check the web-based timetable on PEGASUS for any amendments.

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