The University has a range of benefits policies that help our staff balance work and family commitments:

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP): 

The University's EAP is designed to help staff deal with the many challenges life can present. Support includes a confidential telephone helpline, together with up to 6 face-to-face counselling sessions. Staff can also access online information on a variety of work-life, personal support and health and wellbeing topics, including postnatal depression, which can affect mothers and fathers, and tips on returning to work when breastfeeding. 

Maternity: Advice and guidance to help staff navigate through pregnancy, maternity leave and their return to work

Paternity/Maternity Support: Leave and pay provisions for partners of expectant mothers, adopters or a surrogate parent

Adoption: Leave and pay provisions for adoption and surrogacy

Shared Parental Leave: Leave and pay provisions for staff who wish to share leave 

Parental Leave: Provisions for unpaid leave of up to 18 weeks, for eligible employees

Flexible and Homeworking: Policies relating to flexible working and homeworking

Carers: Support for our carers

Family Friendly Research & Scholarship Leave: Support for Academic Staff returning from family and scholarship leave, to balance return to work with demands of research

Childcare vouchers: Childcare Voucher Scheme which enables parents to make tax and national insurance savings on childcare costs through salary sacrifice

Nursery provision: Information about our campus nursery

Special Leave: Details of our special leave provisions, including compassionate leave, leave for jury service, medical appointments and time off for dependents