Your Library account

Your Library account

As a student or member of the Library you automatically have a Library account. You should check your online account regularly to monitor your library transactions and thus prevent fines accumulating.

Accessing your Library account

Choose the Login option at the top right of the SUPrimo screen. Login with either your:

  • DS username and password, or
  • your family name and library barcode.

Personal settings

This shows your address details held by the Library. If these are not correct, please tell us.


This lists the titles you have on loan and the date each item is due for return.

We automatically renew your loans unless:

  • an item has been reserved by another user
  • an item is in the Short Loan Collection
  • you've already held the item for 24 weeks (Standard loan) or 6 weeks (1 Week loan)
  • you have fines of £10 or more
  • you have an overdue item which has been reserved


This section gives details about the reservations you have placed. The status column will show if they are available for you to collect.

Fines and fees

Here you will find details of any outstanding fines or fees that you owe.

Logging out of your Library account

Remember to click on the Logout link at the top of the SUPrimo screen to disconnect from this service and prevent your details being available for others to view.

If you think someone else may have access your Library acount, you can reset your password.