You said, we did!

Customer feedback is very important to us. It helps us to keep the customer at the heart of everything we do and adapt our services and facilities in line with customer needs and preferences.

This page details just some of the improvements we've made based on customer feedback. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve our services, please complete our feedback form.

You saidWe did

"Why is Strathclyde no longer a member of the SCONUL Access scheme?"

When the SCONUL Access scheme re-opened in November 2021 we decided to prioritise our study space for our own students, who needed a place to undertake formal assessments. After reviewing capacity and occupancy in the building during Semester 1 we rejoined the scheme in January 2022.

"Why are room booking slots so long? Sometimes I can’t access a study room because it is booked, but the person who was using it has already left."

During the pandemic we extended room booking slots to allow students to use them to undertake formal assessments. This academic year we have gone back to having short 1 or 2 hour booking slots.

"We need more power sockets in the Library."

Every year we install more power sockets in the Library - 132 new sockets were added in 2022 alone.

"Agile working is being rolled out in my team, and our staff need the right equipment as soon as possible."

Our Professional Services Helpdesk now buy laptop packs in bulk orders. This means we have the standard equipment in stock, ready for agile working teams – and any supplier delivery issues are alleviated.

"We want a modern, attractive, comfortable study environment."

The Library is always working with colleagues from Estates to improve our study spaces. This year all the windows are being replaced with triple glazing, and some larger windows are being created to provide spaces with more natural light.

"Can the Library be open for longer over the Summer Vacation?"

This year we extended our Sunday opening from the exam resit period onwards. This improved access for PGDEs and students whose assessments continued over the summer period.

"I’ve really enjoyed the Virtual Study Sessions – can they continue into the new academic year?"

Virtual Study Sessions are scheduled twice a week, and now run continuously throughout the whole year.

"Can the Library help host Writers’ Retreats?"

We have held two Writers’ Retreats in the Library so far. We have also supported Writers’ Retreats held elsewhere in the University and online via Zoom by attending to help with any Library type questions.

"I’m still worried about Covid – how can I feel more safe in the Library?"

We supported the Distance Aware scheme by issuing lanyards and promoting it on digital signage and on social media. We also continue to have perspex screens at each of our enquiry points and provide sanitising equipment in the Library.

"How can students with autism or other disabilities feel more comfortable in the Library?"

In collaboration with staff from Disability & Wellbeing we organised tours for students with autism and other disabilities, introducing them to the building and telling them about services and facilities that would be useful to them. This also gave us valuable feedback on their experience of the Library.

"I’m a member of Professional Services staff. How do I speak to someone from the Helpdesk quickly?"

We reintroduced the Professional Services Helpdesk telephone line, using Skype for Business, to ensure the service is available for those working remotely and on campus.

"I find it hard to find where a book is in the Library once I’ve found it in the catalogue."

We have added links to location maps in catalogue records so that when you find an item in SUPrimo you can click on the locate link to see a map of where that item is on the relevant floor of the Library.

"What is the Library doing to diversify its collection?"

We have had discussions with USSA about how we can diversify our collection, we have developed a procedure to deal with reports of problematic content in our collection and we are undertaking a project using money from the alumni fund to purchase texts that will diversify our collection.

"I am teaching my class on campus again – can you do an in-person Library induction for my students?"

Library inductions have taken place on campus on request, with some being provided at weekends or after 17:00 for part-time courses. Skills Boost sessions are taking place online and on campus.

"Where can I find books to read for pleasure in the Library?"

We have created a Reading for Pleasure reading list.

"We want to be able to book rooms in the Learning & Teaching Building."

The new Resource Booker system was launched allowing students to book rooms (from October 2022) in the new Learning and Teaching Building. More areas will be added in future.

"We need a smarter way of communicating with students about their accommodation arrangements."

The new Student Accommodation system, StarRez, is now live. This makes student applications, offers, flat allocations and payment plans for students in residences quicker and easier to manage.

"We want more services to be available in the mobile app."

We’re always developing the mobile app, adding and improving features to support you during your time at Strathclyde.  The StrathReps service is now in its second year. This will be the first it has run in full since the pandemic. Nominations and elections opened in the App on 27 September with voting taking place the following week.

The latest version of the App (v3.2) includes a new digital student card.



You saidWe did

"We need the Library to be open for longer."

With the relaxation in some COVID–19 restrictions, we reinstated our standard semester opening hours in time for the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year.

We also extended our on-campus enquiry service to run until 19:00 on weekday evenings.

Additionally, we have been able to increase our maximum capacity from 560 in 2020 to 900 in 2021.

"We don’t know about the different Library/IT services available."

We promoted services more widely on social media, participating in takeovers of the University’s Instagram account in order to reach more people.

"We know about Skills Boost sessions and referencing sessions, but we want to be able to see all of the different sessions in one place."

We created our ‘Get started’ homepage with links to all expert-led sessions, including Skills Boost, Referencing Week, Database Training and our Academic Library Skills module.

"We need more online resources."

As Covid–19 restrictions were introduced, our staff worked to make more content available online.

We have purchased a lot of new services offering a wide variety of content, ranging from the educational TV and radio streaming service Box of Broadcasts to the extensive Sage Research Methods suite, backfiles of e-journals and more eBook collections.

"We don’t know how to use electronic resources."

Our staff expanded their programme of training and engagement sessions to help students working on and off-campus. Sessions now take place online and include but aren’t limited to:

  • Skills Boost sessions
  • Database training sessions
  • Academic Library Skills module
  • Library Lounge: Support Services
  • Library Lounge: Virtual Study Sessions

"I can’t/don’t want to come to campus to return my Library books [due to Covid–19]."

We waived the majority of fines and charges during lockdowns. We automatically renewed books throughout the lockdown and as restrictions first began to ease, so that customers didn’t have to return books unless another borrower had asked for them, and we set up a Freepost returns service so that customers could post books back to us free of charge from anywhere within the UK.

"We want more power sockets in the Library."

As more and more students bring their own devices with them to the Library, the demand for power sockets continues to increase.

We installed more than 370 new power sockets on Levels 3, 4 and 5 of the Library this summer.

"We’d like some new chairs and desks/tables."

Our Level 3 redevelopment is a brand-new study space with:

  • 3 new large discussion rooms
  • a Family Study Room with seats for 8 adults and 5 children
  • 27 individual study booths with power sockets
  • 5 individual seats with power sockets
  • 5 large study tables with bring your own device (BYOD) technology
  • 6 study pods with BYOD technology
  • 13 large tables seating from 2 to 6 people
  • A new 70-seat lecture theatre

Explore the new Level 3 study space from anywhere in the world with our 3D Virtual Tour!

We have also installed new desks/tables (with power) on Levels 4 and 5, and re-upholstered older seats in the Library.

"I haven’t been able to collect my student card this year. How do I get in to the Library and bookable rooms?"

We worked with the Strathclyde mobile app team to develop the ‘Library Card’ feature. This enables students to display their student barcodes on their phones.

We then upgraded the scanners at our entrance gates and on each of our 19 bookable rooms so that they are able to read barcodes from phones. We have installed these upgraded scanners on our new bookable rooms in the redeveloped area of Level 3.

The temporary pass kiosk remains in place for users who can’t or don’t want to use the mobile app.

"Having to pay for renewals of Inter-Library Loans (loans of items from other libraries) is unfair."

We reviewed our Inter-Library Loans (ILL) policy and decided to remove the renewals charge for ILLs borrowed from the British Library.

"Can I bring my child in to the Library?"

At the start of the academic year 2021-22 we opened our redeveloped area of Level 3. This area includes a brand-new Family Study room, set up to support students who need a place to study whilst also having to supervise a child aged 0–12.

"There aren’t enough webcams for people who need to use the Library to attend online classes."

We have installed webcams onto all of the usable computers in the Eaton Room (currently 25 machines, due to physical distancing requirements) to facilitate student participation in online classes.

Signage in the area advises users that webcams may be in use.

We will collect data on how many of the cameras are used, how often and for how long, and have identified other spaces in the building that may also be suitable for webcam installation, should more be required in future.

"The security of our data is important to us."

After successful trials last year we are rolling out Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to student accounts in 2021-22.

"We need technology that supports our learning."

Our Learning Spaces Team has upgraded facilities in the Royal College and John Anderson Buildings, and set up spaces in the new Learning & Teaching Building.

New technology recently introduced focuses on collaboration, accessibility and inclusivity and includes:

  • Twin-lecture projection to allow teaching to be delivered live to more than one room
  • Glass writing surface, allowing live annotations to be recorded
  • Remote learning capabilities
  • Wireless collaboration tools
  • Infra-red hearing systems

We installed 40 learning and Teaching rooms with hybrid technology to allow remote participants in learning events.

We installed the AV in the new Students' Association.

We installed 40 learning and Teaching rooms with hybrid technology to allow remote participants in learning events.

We updated the Virtual Desktop to the latest versions of all software.

We implemented 1.3Pbytes of storage for researchers, including research students.

In the Strathclyde App, we:

  • Added a ‘help’ feature for you to contact your department directly with timetabling queries
  • Created a new system, called Strathreps, for managing the Class Rep election process
  • Extended the library barcode feature to work on all platforms
  • Updated the ‘you’ account area to include:
    • Student’s date of birth (as requested by the Students’ Union and SEES).
    • Programme Reps and Faculty Reps, plus contact details
    • Opt-in-or-out for services and Google Analytics
    • Choices such as dark or light mode; timetable displayed as a wheel or a list
    • Clearer options for switching between accounts, ideal for those who have both a staff and student role at the University

"People in the Library aren’t following the Covid rules."

Library staff patrol study areas regularly and remind customers of Covid regulations where necessary.

We display Covid information on our digital signage in the Library, and on our social channels and website.

"What is it like to be in the Library during Covid?"

We posted information, photographs and video from inside the Library building on our Twitter, InstagramYouTube channel, Instagram Stories and website.


You saidWe did
"We want computer chairs in solo study rooms." We have had to move a lot of furniture recently to allow for social distancing. We have put computer chairs in the solo study rooms on Level 5, but this is a temporary change.
"We'd like longer opening hours (during COVID–19 restrictions)."

We re-started Saturday opening on 31 October 2020.

We will open on Sundays from 22 November 2020. 

"We want access to print items during lockdown."

As soon as we were able to get staff back in the building safely we began a click and collect service. This service is still running now that the building is open to customers.

We are also posting books to customers who are vulnerable/shielding/quarantining/self-isolating.

"We can't get into booked rooms using barcodes in the app." We hope to upgrade the scanners so they can read the barcode on your device. In the meantime, we have provided staff with cards to help you access the rooms. We will attach those cards to the readers.
"The media library is messy." We tidied up the media library, ordered new boxes for larger material and asked for more feedback from customers. 
"The Assistive Technologies Room is messy." We arranged more frequent checks of this space.
"We want more resources available online [during COVID disruption]." We added more than 250,000 e-books, 7000 videos and processed 450 reading lists accessible via MyPlace.
"We need online support [during COVID disruption]." We responded to 16,000 enquiries and support calls by email, phone and social media.
"We'd like some nicer desks on the reading floors." We added some new desks on Level 4, which we plan to add power sockets to.
"We want to access the Library using a smart card."

We have introduced a Library entry barcode on the mobile app. 

We are continuing to contribute towards a bigger campus-wide Smartcard project.

"Most of us would prefer to receive book receipts by email, rather than getting paper copies."

(Result of a Ping Pong Poll run in the Library.)

All borrowers now receive an e-receipt by email. 

"Most of us would be happy to use a self-service binding machine."

(Result of a Ping Pong Poll run in the Library.)

We made plans to install a self-service binding station (with instructional video) in the Library. These plans have been interrupted by the COVID–19 pandemic. However, we'll launch the service as soon as we can.

"Most of us think a heart shape would be the best icon for Favourites on SUPrimo Search."

(Result of a Ping Pong Poll run in the Library.)

We now use a heart-shaped icon for Favourites in SUPrimo

"78% of us are terrified of or a bit worried about copyright."

(Result of a Ping Pong Poll run in the Library.)

Our Information Governance team created a Copyright Skills Boost session. We actively promoted these sessions with a mini campaign.
"We want whiteboards in the group discussion rooms." We installed whiteboards and provided marker pens in all 19 of our bookable discussion rooms. We introduced a schedule of daily checks for our discussion rooms to make sure all equipment is in place and ready for you to use.
"People are talking on the silent floors." We created a noise reporting feature in the Strathclyde mobile app and implemented a fast response procedure.
"We need more sockets for charging laptops and phones." We secured funding and installed more power sockets on Levels 4 and 5 over the 2019 summer vacation.
"Be open 24 hours all the time!"

We review our opening hours each year. 24-hour opening now begins earlier and runs all the way through the exam period in semesters 1 and 2. For the first time, in 2020, the Library will remain open 24/7 throughout the spring vacation and Easter weekend.

We have incrementally lengthened our periods of 24-hour opening from 8 weeks in 2013-14 to 13 weeks in 2019-20.

Please make sure you continue to fill in our regular surveys to ensure your needs and preferences are considered.

"I don't know where to report problems with my wifi connection."

We added a Report Wifi feature to the Strathclyde mobile app which collects the necessary information from you and reports it to our staff.

"During exam period the Library gets really busy and messy and it stresses me out!"

We are putting together an exam preparation checklist so Library staff can do what we can to help you. This will include things like extra noise patrols, checks on equipment and advertising our opening hours. We are seeking customer input via an online survey.

We are also investing in technology which will monitor how busy each floor of the Library is, so you can quickly see where you will be able to find a study space.

"The Media Library and Media Kits are messy, and it’s hard to find what I need there."

We have tidied up this collection and relabelled and repackaged materials where we can. We are also undertaking a wider feedback exercise focussing on this collection.