Absence and Voluntary Suspension


For absences of seven days or less:
If you have been absent from the University for seven days or less you should record a self-certification online via PEGASUS using the Personal Circumstances link under the Services tab.

For absences of more than seven days: 
Where sickness results in absence of more than seven days, you are required to submit a medical certificate (signed by a medical practitioner who is not a member of your family) to Student Business.

For absences from an examination:
The self-certification convention does not apply and if you are absent from an examination due to sickness you must submit a formal medical certificate.  
All certificates that are submitted to Student Business are kept in the your file, and details are recorded on computer. Student Business informs the relevant departments and, if the absence continues for 14 days or more, the SAAS or relevant grant awarding body may be notified. The departments and Board of Examiners are informed of certificates which are relevant to a diet of examinations or the corresponding period of study, including, where appropriate, the relevant details.

The University's policy on Personal Circumstances that have affected a student’s performance in assessments leading to the final mark for a class can be found by clicking on the 'Personal Circumstances' link on the Academic Policies & Procedures webpage.

Voluntary Suspension

If you need to interrupt your studies for part of a session, you should contact your Advisor of Studies/Counsellor. In certain circumstances you may be recommended to apply for voluntary suspension. This application will be considered by the Head of Department/ School (or nominee) and is subject to approval by the Vice Dean (Academic). If approved, your registration will be amended to show a student in voluntary suspension and some tuition fees may be refunded. You should also notify your Local Education Authority or grant awarding body of this change to your academic status.


If you need any advice or support filling out your application please contact your Advisor of Studies/Personal Development Advisor


Voluntary Suspension Guidelines

Voluntary Suspension Form (PDF)

Voluntary Suspension Form (Word) 

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