Sustainable Construction and Refurbishment

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All new and refurbished buildings must demonstrate exemplary sustainable design. Business as usual is not an option.

The University Climate Change and Social Responsibility Policy communicates a clear approach to the sustainable design, development, operation and ultimate disposal of the University's buildings.

The Sustainable Design Quality Standards

The Sustainable Design Quality Standard (SDQS) consists of fifty time bound performance targets, addressing Process Management, Community Support, Biodiversity Enhancement, Pollution Minimisation, Healthy Environments, and Resource Efficiency, which act as a framework for achieving sustainable built development.

The SDQS promotes building designs which perform above the legislative benchmark, but are affordable and replicable and represent best value.

Sustainable Design Quality Standards

The Project Management Guide to a Sustainable Campus

Estates Services are aware that sustainable buildings cannot simply be delivered through target setting and 'business as usual' implementation. Sustainable design is part of a process; it is not simply a product at handover. Therefore in addition to the Sustainable Development Policy and the Sustainable Design Quality Standards, the University has produced a Project Management Guide for a Sustainable Campus.

The Project Management Guide sets out the key delivery requirements at each University project gateway, and at each RIBA stage. The achievement of all appropriate SDQS standards must be evidenced to a level of detail that will give Estates Services the confidence to assess risk, best value, and certainty of achievement at each stage of the project.


Sustainable Construction Case Study

Learning and Teaching Building Case Study on BDP website