Centre for Advanced Measurement Research & Health Translation New LGC Chair

Introducing Damion Corrigan, our new LGC Chair in Measurement Science for Health

I have a long-standing interest in measurement science having first obtained a PhD in bioanalytical chemistry, working with GSK as an EPSRC CASE PhD student on the development of spectroscopic technologies for analysis of drug purity, and two Post-Docs developing spectro-electrochemical measurements of short tandem repeat (STR) sequences, micro-fabricated sensor systems and an assay for the drug resistant pathogen MRSA.

Dr Damion Corrigan

I have been employed by the Biomedical Engineering Department as a University of Strathclyde Chancellor’s Fellow for the past six years. My focus has been on the application of electrochemical systems to diagnostic challenges of modern healthcare and over this time the team have developed a number of biosensor/assay systems for targets such as COVID-19, drug resistant tuberculosis (TB), oxacillin resistance, antibiotic susceptibility testing and chemokine ligand 17 (CCL17), which plays a complex role in cancer.

Translation of the developed technologies is an important element of my work and in the last year I have founded two companies to convert technologies from the laboratory into real world systems which can play a part in improving health through improved diagnostic technologies, better medicines and enhanced medical devices. I am excited by the opportunity to work with the National Measurement Laboratory (NML) at LGC to ensure the robustness of these technologies and validation of developing technologies.

I have a wide network of academic, clinical and industrial collaborators which I intend to grow through association with the NML at LGC and CAMS-UK and to use in the process of developing the Centre for Advanced Measurement Research and Health Translation.

For any enquiries, please drop me a line at: damion.corrigan@strath.ac.uk.