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Research data management & sharingRequirements & policies

Policies, codes & concordats

The management and sharing of research data is a key aspect of research integrity and underpins research quality. There are a range of policies at international and UK level which define what is expected of research institutions, funders and researchers in relation to research integrity and specifically research data:

We have our own policies that set expectations about what you can expect us to provide and what is expected of you when undertaking research at Strathclyde:

Funder requirements

Most funders of academic research now require researchers to comply with certain expectations as a condition of award. These expectations include but are not limited to:

The Digital Curation Centre provides guidance on individual funder policies. Contact us for advice on meeting funder requirements.

Publisher & journal requirements

Increasing numbers of publishers and journals are clarifying their stance in relation to data sharing in relation to research publications. This is an area that is changing all the time and so you should always check a journal's policy if you are submitting to it. We are happy to help if you have any questions.