Strathclyde Centre for Environmental Law & GovernanceResearch Outputs

The BENELEX project has produced the following outputs:

  • working papers, on which we welcome suggestions, comments and other feedback;
  • academic articles in international peer-reviewed legal and political science journals; and
  • policy briefs that will present in a succinct and accessible way the main project findings on whether and how benefit-sharing can (and crucially when it cannot) contribute to an equitable transition to the green economy. 

In addition, BENELEX is producing

  • five academic monographs, to be published in 2019;
  • a special issue of an international peer-reviewed law journal (Transnational Environmental Law, to be published in 2019); and
  • three training modules for indigenous peoples' and local communities' advocates and lawyers, providing practical guidance on operationalising benefit-sharing and concluding benefit-sharing agreements. The modules will be made available online and in print in English, French and Spanish to ensure its accessibility to stakeholders in different regions in November-December 2018.

If you experience any difficulty in accessing any of the publications listed below, please email


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