Mind Maps

Mind Maps: where is benefit-sharing emerging?

The following mind maps provide a visual representation of the references to fair and equitable benefit-sharing that are emerging in a growing number of international legal and policy documents. The mind maps are not meant to be representative of the totality of references to benefit-sharing, but rather to give a sense of the variety of areas of international law and policy in which benefit-sharing is being considered, highlight linkages among different international processes, and provide an indication of the various uses of the concept of benefit-sharing. Please download the map of interest to you and zoom in to read quotations from selected documents.

These maps draw on the research of the BeneLex team and have been realised by Edinburgh Law School Master students Michaela Schwedeler, Supanut Chotevitayatarakorn, Romina Chavez and Laurie van der Burg. These students also assisted in various legal research tasks under the BeneLex project.