Strathclyde Centre Environmental Law GovernanceSeminars and workshops archive

""Brexit" and the Environment". Professor Colin T. Reid. 2 December 2015

"Talking about Animal Rights- Moral claims of non-human animals and their legal preconditions" Philipp Gisbertz. 25 November 2015

"Deliberative governance of transboundary rivers in the Ganges-Brahmaputra problemshed; a question of water justice" Paula Hanasz. 26 October 2015

"Hydrofracturing: a U.S. perspective" Dean Leroy (Lee) Paddock and Robert M. Kalin. 13 August 2015

"Human Rights and the environment" Stefania Negri. 3 June 2015

"Entry into force of the United Nations Watercourses Convention: why should it matter?" Dr. Salman M. A. Salman. 22 May 2015

"UNFCC negotiations and the road to Paris" Professor Kati Kulovesi. 22 April 2015

"To tell and reinvent a city: Taranto between development and venoms" Sergio Messina. 18 March 2015

"Artic actors in International Law: the usual suspects?" Elizabeth Kirk. 25 February 2015

"Outcome of the Lima Climate Talks and the road to Paris: a focus on intended nationally determined contributions" Melissa Low. 21 January 2015

"Rare Earth: a rare dispute?" Leon Gerber, Francesco Sindico and Stephanie Switzer. 3 December 2014

"The International Law of Payment for Ecosystem Services" Juan Carlos Sanchez. 26 November 2014

"A pluralist-empirical model of Chinese renewable energy regulation: implications for industry scale-up, environmental and economic modernisation objetives" Steven Geroe. 19 November 2014

"The Common Law of surface activity: general principle and current problems" Barry Barton. 6 May 2014

"UN post-2015 development framework: issues of equity, inclusivity and sustainability" Hilary Homans. 19 March 2014

"Land "grabbing" or land "rush"?" Thierry Berger. 5 March 2014

"Climate justice" Tahseen Jafry. 12 February 2014

"Is a comprehensive global framework of adjudicatory fora the means to enhanced global environmental protetion?" Tinashe Masvimbo Madebwe. 17 December 2013

"Carbon offsets: markets, law and governance" Christopher Arup. 30 October 2013

"Shaping India's climate change agenda: governance, negotiation and climate activism" Nanda Kumar Janardhanan. 9 October 2013

"The Nagoya Proocol: the obligation to share benefits from the utilization of generic resources" Mireia Martinez Barrabes. 19 September 2013

"Between twilight and Renaissance- changing prospects for the carbon market?" Michael Mehling. 9 September 2013

"Mineral waters in Brazil- regulatory framework and comparative legal perspective relating to water resource management" Ana Lucia Gesicki. 25 June 2013