SCELG members Dr. Cardesa-Salzmann and Ms. McEntee to develop UNEP course on the International Legal Framework on Ozone Depletion

Oct 2021Dr Antonio Cardesa-Salzmann (Lecturer) and member of SCELG has been commissioned by the UNEP Ozone Secretariat with the development of an online intermediate level course on the International Legal Framework on Ozone Depletion. This online course will be provided on the InforMEA learning platform. 

Dr Cardesa-Salzmann will develop this course together with SCELG member Ms Iona McEntee (PhD researcher), as well as alumni from the LLM in Global Environmental Law and Governance, Ms Catherine Hall (2019/2020 and PhD Researcher at the University of Eastern Finland), Ms Aditi Shetye (2020/21) and Mr Robbie McAdam (2020/21).


Image by veeterzy on Unsplash 

As part of the kicking-off of this collaboration with the Ozone Secretariat, Dr Cardesa-Salzmann, Ms McEntee and the rest of the team will be attending as observers the combined 12th COP (Part II) of the Vienna Convention for the Protection of the Ozone Layer and the 33rd MOP to the Montreal Protocol on Substances that Deplete the Ozone Layer (23-29 October 2021). 

Ms McEntee, who is also involved in C2LI, has said: 

I’m really looking forward to witnessing first-hand the works of delegations within the COP/MOP meeting of the Vienna Convention and the Montreal Protocol. I’m also thrilled to work together with the Ozone Secretariat in the development of the intermediate level online course to provide training for UN staff, diplomats and civil servants all around the world on these very important international environmental treaties.

Dr Cardesa-Salzmann has added that: 

This new project highlights the relevance and outreach of our research in global environmental law. It also shows how closely we involve our PhD and LLM community in our knowledge exchange activities. Finally, this joint endeavour with the Ozone Secretariat also opens up a new line of knowledge exchange within SCELG that complements those already existing in other areas, such as biodiversity, climate change and oceans.

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