Strathclyde Centre Environmental Law & Governance

Working Papers


  • David W Cody, Meet Kaur, Mitchell Lennan, Annaïg Nicol, Thomas Paxton and Syed A Tassawar, Interfaces and Interconnections between the Paris Agreement, the Sendai Framework and the Sustainable Development Goals, SCELG Working Paper 13/2021 


  • G Medici Colombo and L Wegener, The Value of Climate Change-Impacted Ligitation: An Alternative Perspective on the Phenomenon of 'Climate Change Litigation', SCELG Working Paper 12/2019



  • C Wambua, Promoting Public Acceptance of Wind Energy Projects in Kenya: Towards a Wind-Wind Solution, SCELG Working Paper 10/2017
  • LS Lynes, Climate Change Law and Colonialism: Legal Standing of Three Rivers and a Hypothetical Case of Bison Personhood in Canada, SCELG Working Paper 9/2017
  • E Morgera and M Ntona, Linking Small-scale Fisheries to International Obligations on Marine Technology Transfer, SCELG Working Paper 8/2017
  • D Diz, E Morgera and M Wilson, Sharing the Benefits of Sustainable Fisheries: From Global to Local Legal Approaches to Marine Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation (Science – Policy Analysis), SCELG Working Paper 7/2017
  • M Ntona and E Morgera, Connecting SDG 14 With the Other Sustainable Development Goals Through Marine Spatial Planning,SCELG Working Paper 6/2017


  • P Robert, A Legal Assessment of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights to Lands and Natural Resources over Transboundary Aquifers Contaminated by Mining Production within the Lake Titicaca Region, SCELG Working Paper 5/2016
  • F Sindico and A Manganelli (Eds.), Groundwater Governance: Drawing Connections Between Science, Knowledge and Policy-Making, SCELG Working Paper 4/2016


  • F Sindico, A Story of 2.0 Texts and of the Landing of the Paris Agreement, SCELG Working Paper 3/2015
  • L Omuko, Climate Change Governance at Sub Governance Level: Key Lessons for Kenya's County Government, SCELG Working Paper 2/2015.
  • C Murdoch, Can Legalizing Trade Save Endangered Species? An investigation into the Conservation Merits of a Legal Market for CITES Prohibited Specimens, SCELG Working Paper 1/2015