Antonia Zydek, LLM Student in Global Environment Law (2017-2018)

I have studied on the LLM in Global Environmental Law at Strathclyde in 2017/18. The reason for choosing this programme was to get in depth knowledge of international environmental law and being taught in smaller groups by people that are experts in their field. I was also very interested in the projects of SCELG and was hoping to be able to get involved while studying. After successfully completing the programme, I can say, that all these expectations were met.

A great experience: academically and practically

The class format of sessions that are mainly student-led and involve discussing topics with my peers has helped met develop a deep understanding of international environmental agreements such as the Paris Agreement. Additionally, I was able to take elective classes in EU Environmental Law in both semesters, which allowed for a quite detailed analysis of different directives and EU policies. But my LLM was a great experience not only academically: In my EU Environmental Law class we were able to get involved with a Consultation for the Scottish government examining the implications of Brexit for Scottish Environmental Law and Governance. This project was a great opportunity to further develop my research skills and be part of something highly relevant and important.

Antonia Zydek

Gaining work experience: research assistance and volunteering opportunities

Additionally, through the wide range of contacts that SCELG has, I was able to work as a research student for a project focused on equitable benefit-sharing and the green economy (Benelex project) during the summer. This involved a broad literature review on the right to food mainly as perceived by the FAO. It was a great opportunity for me and I would encourage everyone taking the LLM to do the same.

At the end of the year, even after my LLM had finished, I was also able to volunteer for the Legal Response Initiative and help them as a researcher during COP24. LRI provides free legal advice to the delegates of developing countries that are poor and particularly climate vulnerable and to civil society observer organisations through a network of volunteers.  It was a great experience to be part of this and assist lawyers ‘on the ground’ at COP24. This has also enabled me to contribute to an outcome paper of the conference which is going to be published at the beginning of this year. There practical experiences in addition to the course itself have really made a difference to my career and opened new doors. This is why I would encourage anyone interested in Environmental Law and Governance to apply for this LLM and make the most out of it.

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