a researcher in the high voltage lab, working inside a yellow cage, attaches wires to a piece of equipment

Electronic & electrical engineering High Voltage Technologies & Electrical Plant Diagnostics

This group is engaged in fundamental and applied research covering electrical plant, high voltage (HV) materials and components, pulsed power technologies, discharges in gases and fluids, non-thermal plasma for environmental and bio-medical applications.

The group has a strong track record of pioneering research into many practical applications of HV technology and has spun out four successful companies in recent years. The research, conducted within three main themes, covers a range of topics, including:

  • ultra-fast high energy switches for particle beam fusion experiments
  • measurement and location of partial discharges in electrical insulation
  • diagnosis of defects in HV equipment such as GIS, transformers and cables
  • inactivation of bacteria using electrical impulses, non-thermal plasma for environmental and bio-medical applications

Core areas of expertise