telecomms cable with fibre optics

Electronic & Electrical EngineeringBroadband Networks Group

The Broadband Networks Group focuses on industry-driven collaborative research and development in communications and information processing. The group is involved in a broad range of projects funded directly from industry and UK funding councils (EPSRC, BBSRC, Innovate UK).

Our portfolio includes research and development in the following interdisciplinary domains:

  • Internet of Things: providing solutions at various levels in the stack: wireless sensor connectivity, in-situ processing, backend transport and security, cloud storage and collaboration spaces, and data analytics.
  • Big Data: the application of advanced data analysis tools to deal with data sources at vast scales to unlock hidden value.
  • Wireless Sensor Networking: the design, dimensioning and deployment of proven networks to sense, aggregate and process data captured by an array of heterogeneous sensors.
  • Robust Real Time Wireless Networks for Industrial Environments: design and implementation of wireless networks capable of functioning in challenging industrial environments, which are prone to significant noise and interference.
  • Health Diagnostics and Prognostics: using state-of-the-art data analytics and machine learning to predict and classify various health related events. These techniques are being applied to human health, animal health, and equipment health within the group.
  • High Value Manufacturing: data analytics across multiple sensor streams to provide real time processing for process optimisation.